Do re mi Chibi monsters


Sound design for a client for cute monsters..singing do re mi fa so la ti doooo…


Flying Kiss Movie


After months of Hiatus due to personal back ^_^
Did the mixing for this Indie movie.i didnt mix and master for the Trailer though
Its a Department of Health DOH/Sinehan Advocacy Media collaboration Project
which Shows on Sm Cinemas March 19 -2 5 2014
about TB awareness..



Monster Box Ver 2


This Second Version of Monster Box theme was Designed more like a Comic or Childish
as per request of my Friend.. i Just Did a snippet of Music ..
I Just sampled the voice and Pitched it high  so it would sound comic..the Last part Sampled vocal
was pitched Down to make a low Sound..

Monster Box Ver 1


A Music Clip Designed and was requested by an Old Friend for their Project Monster Box..
I just did a snippet from a Music and Sampled the Generated Monster Box voice ..
Applied some Automated Efx..Unfortunately this version was over Hyped not Suited for their theme
so have to design another one..

Rising Electron

A sound Design Conceptualized when someone in a forum requested for this specific sound for a sci-fi SFX

The Sound is made using Native Instruments Massive.
Using a Saw tooth then i pitched as high as i can
Then Modulated it using a Step Sequencer with a bit of slight FX